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Pelagos Dive Centre is based in Agios Nikolaos (east Crete).
Crete is one of the largest Mediterranean islands (260km long) so to avoid long driving times to Pelagos Dive centre, we suggest you book your accommodation near or in Agios Nikolaos.

There's a wide selection of accommodation near Pelagos Dive Centre with the closest being the Minos Beach Art Hotel in the grounds of which our dive centre is based.
Lato Hotel , Mirabella apts. and Adrakos apts is just some of the accommodation close by worth looking at.
You can find other accommodation in and around Agios Nikolaos on trip advisor and other websites. If you need any advise about accommodation contact us.

The charter flights to Crete start in April and finish end of October. Make sure your flight comes to Heraklion airport which is the airport serving East Crete.
Pelagos Dive Centre may be open beyond this time frame so to plan a holiday outside the charter flight season or any other questions contact us.
Cruise liners also stop in Agios Nikolaos Port throughout the season April to November.

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